what the european financial & energy market is facing

The Situation

Multiple Regulations are already in force. New obligations will follow - cover the NOW!

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The Challenge

Covering all your compliance obligations with only one solution

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Your Solution

deltaconX - is a MultiRegTech Solution covering multiple European & National regulations

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and their impact

Multiple Regulations are already in force. New obligations will follow. Transaction reporting to various channels (TRs, RRMs, ARMs).

In the last years the European authorities introduced a series of new regulations to the financial & energy markets. Many provisions are already in force now, with more to follow within the coming years. Market participants now face a number of onerous reporting obligations resulting from their trading and logistical operations, with severe penalties for non-compliance.

Regulation Resource Center

Download deltaconX Product sheet "Market Surveillance"
Download deltaconX Product sheet "Non Standard Reporting" English
Download deltaconX Product sheet "Non Standard Reporting" German
Download deltaconX Product sheet "Regulatory Reporting" English
Download deltaconX Product sheet "Regulatory Reporting" German


for market participants

Meet your compliance obligations! Under the given time and budget constraints.

The new regulations require the submission of specific transaction, position, and valuation reports to a number of destination systems. Multiple jurisdictions and reporting channels, multi-national liabilities, diverse message formats, and tight timelines all confront the market participant, large and small alike. Regulatory compliance is now a major exercise in data management.


how it works

deltaconX - regulatory platform is a MultiRechTech solution covering various European regulations such as EMIR, REMIT, MAR, FinfraG, MiFID II, SFTR, etc.

Through our modular SaaS based platform approach customers are able to comply with multiple regulations using only a single standardised application. It captures the compliance data held in your trading, financial, and logistical systems, transforms them into the correct message structures, and routes them to the appropriate regulatory reporting destination such as TRs, RRMs, ARMs, etc. Response and status messages are captured as part of the submission process, and relayed back to source systems. Full audit of data processing and transfers is guaranteed.


smart software for smart people

Cost Efficient

No need to upgrade your trading system. All required and missing data can be added directly in deltaconX. Simply upload your trades via spreadsheet.


Easy to implement. deltaconX comes with a set of APIs. Our Partners will implement and consult according to your business needs.


As regulatory requirements or business needs may change in the future, deltaconX provides various modules to cover multiple regulations.


Our software is built to require a minimum on user interaction. deltaconX´s intuitive user interface is self explaining and minimizes training efforts.


deltaconX is built to meet performance requirements such as horizontal & vertical scaling and high availability.n


deltaconX uses the latest software technology and provides a state of the art system architecture.