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A non-exclusive overview of energy & commodity market institutions using our deltaconX regulatory platform.

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CTRM Cubed Ltd is an innovative software provider, specialising in Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (E/CTRM). CTRM Cubed’s TradeCube® Software-as-a-Service platform brings E/CTRM into the modern era, underpinned by the very latest in scalable cloud-native architecture. Delivered using Web Services, APIs and connected technologies, the company is evolving the sector from monolithic solutions to a dynamic ecosystem of fast, interconnected services. Combining trade and portfolio management with an innovative cube analytics platform, trading data and metrics are brought to life with integrated charting and dashboards.

CTRM Cubed breaks the mould of traditional “years-long” implementations; setup is in minutes, all operated without the need for IT infrastructure, hardware, or technical expertise. The platform is offered with fair, transparent per-month, per-user pricing, backed up by a reliability guarantee.

Privately owned, managed, and funded by industry experts with decades of experience in the sector, the company is headquartered, in Warwick, England.

Fidectus digitizes and automates cross-company post-trade processing for over-the-counter energy and commodity markets (OTC post trading). Our Global Energy Network (GEN) connects market participants and enables them to benefit of intelligent tools for regulatory reporting, confirmation, settlement, netting, financing, and payment.

GEN supports native interfaces to ETRM-, accounting and settlement systems, multiple communication channels, file types, and standard as ISDA, EFET electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) and EFET electronic Settlement Matching (eSM).

With GEN, scalability in OTC trading becomes a reality for our clients. They can significantly reduce their cost and credit risk, optimise their liquidity and improve their operating profitability putting them at a competitive advantage.

REGTECH DATAHUB is a cloud-based software solution built to deliver regulatory data. The REGTECH DATAHUB collects and structures data from multiple public sources and makes the data available through a cloud solution for clients to fulfil regulatory reporting requirements. REGTECH DATAHUBS’ clients can access and use data without limitations. REGTECH DATAHUB utilizes the combination of in-depth knowledge of EU regulations with advanced algorithms – down to the field level of individual reports – and the latest cloud technology.

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Vaikoon is a consultancy company, with offices in Lucerne, London and Vienna, providing specialized services for clients operating in a wide range of business sectors with a particularly strong focus on the European Commodities and Energy market.