Straightforward approach

Meet your regulatory compliance obligations with less budget and effort, and focus more on your core business.

How we unify

how we unify

Migrating to deltaconX

Tailored approach

We know that every organization is different and needs a unique approach. Our highly experienced team are there to assure you can leverage our platform as soon as possible – we like to get things done!

Due to our flexible and freely configurable platform, we are able to address and realize individual customer requirements quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions please reach out to our team.

Your successful migration path

  • Request a demo through our dedicated contact form or get in touch with one of our Sales & Customer Relations Managers.
  • Our sales team will organize an online meeting to introduce and demo our deltaconX regulatory platform through MS-Teams or Cisco Webex.
  • During the demo session our experts will demonstrate the workflow and some of the most valuable features & functionalities of the deltaconX regulatory platform.
  • After the online session, our sales team will provide you with a summary, our presentation slides and a proposal if requested.
  • If our proposal meets your expectations, we will provide you with our SaaS-Agreement for review and signature.


Staying compliant with all your regulatory reporting obligations is only one click away

  • Once we received our SaaS-Agreement including the agreed terms and conditions, we will provide you with our “welcome pack” including our on-boarding form, all required technical specifications, templates, our field guide and sample reports.
  • Once we receive the completed on-boarding form, our support team will immediately start to setup your access to the test environment and provide you with online training if required.
  • The complete on-boarding process to our UAT environment is usually completed within a few business days.


Get on-boarded fast by our best-in-class support team!

  • With the provided specifications and the access to our UAT you can start the integration work of your data sources.
  • In the meantime, you can start configuring the platform to your specific needs and perform end-to-end testing with the chosen reporting channel.
  • During the entire testing phase our customer support team and your customer relations manager will be available to assist you whenever needed. 
  • After successful testing, all configurations and settings will be migrated to the production/ live environment.


Due to our comprehensive documentation, our flexible integration methods and our support during the integration, configuration and testing phase, you will be ready to report in very short time!

  • Depending on the regulation and the timing of subscription to our service, data migration from another service provider or from a different reporting channel might be required.
  • Our support and the customer relations teams are highly experienced in migrating data according to the regulatory requirements and will support you in this exercise.
  • Once all the required data is migrated, you are ready to start your unified reporting through your deltaconX regulatory platform.


We will support you during the entire migration process! 

  • Once live, you can start your reporting under one or various regulations via your deltaconX regulatory platform.
  • Our support team is available during the entire process to support you with any technical, procedural or regulatory questions.
  • All supported regulations are monitored by our experts and any revisions or changes are automatically handled by us with no extra costs.
  • In case any regulatory changes require updates in the reporting files, we will provide you with the new schemas and a description of the required updates.
  • All updates and upgrades of our platform will first be delivered to the test environment for user acceptance testing.


You will experience how convenient and easy regulatory compliance can be by choosing the right partner!

How it works

How our pricing works

Our pricing is as straightforward as our platform and is based on three criteria.

Number of conX modules​

Interfaces to regulatory channels or major system functionalities.

Interfaces to regulatory channels
or major system functionalities.


Number of transaction

A transaction is considered as a UTI.
A modification does not count as a new transaction.

Number of sources

Internal and external data input mechanism.

As a full-service provider, we enable you to further benefit from our “All-inclusive price packages” through our strategic partnerships with various Reporting Channels (TRs, ARMs, APAs and RRMs).

All membership fees of these reporting channels as well as the transaction costs are included in our service fee. Therefore, administrative efforts are greatly reduced and full price transparency is guaranteed.

All inclusive package

Benefit from our community

Through our strong client base in Switzerland and Europe, we are constantly striving to further develop our platform to provide the best possible offering to our clients. Due to our community approach, everyone can benefit from the ideas and requirements of our members. More and more market participants from the financial, energy, and commodity trading sectors are using our service and benefit from the unique advantages of our community derived from our deltaconX regulatory platform. 

Join our rapidly growing user community in the RegTech sector, and benefit from the experience of a variety of organisations across multiple sectors such as: