How our pricing works

A pricing model built on what you actually use.

Pricing model

Our pricing model provides you a very clear overview of the expected costs and simplifies your budget planning

With deltaconX we use utilization-based pricing to determine what you need and we calculate it using the following criteria:


Number of
conX modules

Each regulatory channel requires a dedicated conX module.


Number of

Every UTI is counted as a new transaction.


Number of
data sources

Select any combination of internal and external data input mechanisms.

Our service offerings

The reality is that transaction reporting involves external costs from membership fees to transactional costs, which is why we offer you the choice between standalone platform access and an All-Inclusive Service package.

Standalone All-Inclusive Service
Utilization based pricing
Platform access
Technical support access
Membership fee handling
Transactional cost handling
Relationship Management of Reporting Channel(s)
Full End-to-End single point of contact (SPOC)


With our Standalone offering, you get access to the deltaconX platform but are responsible for administrating all transactional costs and membership fees of the reporting channels separately.

All inclusive package

With our All-Inclusive Service approach, you further reduce your total cost of ownership by pooling all your related costs into a single cost centre.

Thanks to our strategic partnerships with various reporting channels (TRs, ARMs, APAs and RRMs), we are able to offer better rates due to economies of scales when handling membership fees and transaction costs for you with your preferred reporting channels.

With this offering you greatly reduce your administrative efforts and your overall costs, while benefitting from a clear cost transparency.