FinfraG / FMIA
Art. 39 Reporting (SIX)

The deltaconX regulatory platform enables FinfraG / FMIA Article 39 – SIX Swiss Exchange Reporting (Authorise Reporting Mechanism, ARM) compliance so that your day-to-day operations are streamlined and your ability to work is optimized.

Article 39 of the FinfraG / FMIA regulation is the Swiss equivalent of MIFIR and covers the reporting of Financial Instrument contracts to an Authorise Reporting Mechanism (ARM). The article aims to ensure market transparency by requiring any participants admitted to a Swiss trading venue to report the details of their transactions to a repository.

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What is the reporting obligation?

The reporting obligation itself is made up of three criteria:

  1. The financial instrument, which includes equities and equity-based derivatives.
  1. The trading venue itself, i.e., the location where financial instruments are admitted in Switzerland are subject to reporting obligations.
  2. The location where the securities dealer is domiciled.

Trades and the transmissions of orders in reportable financial instruments performed by securities dealers subject to the reporting obligation as an intermediary are required to report. Article 39 does not differentiate whether they were traded on- or off-order book, executed on- or off-exchange and are required regardless whether the order is on behalf of a client or for proprietary trading.

The reporting obligation is applied as follows:

It is worth noting that a transfer in a reportable financial instrument from one custody account to another is not subject to the reporting obligation, regardless of whether the beneficial owner changes.  Because direct client instructions to transfer financial instruments does not constitute a reportable transaction, as long as no securities dealer subject to the reporting obligation took an active role in initiating the transaction/transfer, they are exempt under the terms of Article 39.

Who is required to report?

The following are required to report according to Article 39:

When do reports have to be made?

Reports must be submitted to a recognised TR the next Business Day (T+1).

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