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EMIR REFIT first release
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EMIR REFIT – can you be ready early?

We are proud to inform you that we have already released the first* version of our EMIR REFIT field guide to allow our clients to understand. >   How many of the fields/formats and naming updates are already covered by our deltaconX unified data schema? >   What additional information will be

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EMIR Refit

EMIR REFIT – what it‘s really about

You may have heard of this upcoming EMIR REFIT change, or maybe even started seeing EMIR facts and figures being bandied about. Instead of repeating what everyone else has already said, we want to help explain what it all really means. EMIR REFIT can essentially be distilled down into three

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Demystifying EMIR REFIT

Everyone’s talking about EMIR REFIT facts and figures, but at our dedicated event we actually explain what these changes really mean to your business in detail. At our EMIR REFIT TRAINING DAY you’ll get: Critical insights from cross-industry experts Meaningful answers to your questions A clear understanding of what EMIR

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