CME winding down its reporting service – We can still help!

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There is only about two months left until CME shuts down its regulatory reporting services. This means that in a bit more than a month CME will start to request their clients to nominate a new Trade Repository to which it should migrate their data. If clients have not yet agreed how they would like to fulfil their reporting obligation CME will have to decide to which TR they are migrating their client’s data. Being forced to follow CMEs decision will bear a significant risk for the market participants not being able to report their transactions in a continuous way, as the new reporting channel will most probably not be able to accept the CME formats.

We at deltaconX AG are in the process of migrating client data from two former CME Abide clients to another trade repository and we have already the converters in place for EMIR reporting as well as for MiFIR transaction reporting, which allow these clients to continue their reporting using their existing files they have used with CME Abide till to date. Market participants that have not yet decided for a vendor can still reach out to us to support them with the migration of their data and to continue reporting their trades under different reporting regimes, e.g. EMIR, EMIR UK (in case of a no deal BREXIT), MiFIR, SFTR (SFTR UK in case of a no deal Brexit), post trade transparency (APA reporting).

If you are looking for a specialised regulatory vendor which can support you fulfilling your various reporting regimes, without making you entirely dependent on the infrastructures decision on if and how they want to offer regulatory reporting services, please contact us at

About deltaconX AG:

deltaconX is a full service provider offering a unique software & support package catering for European financial-, energy- and commodity trading organizations enabling them to meet their various regulatory reporting and market surveillance obligations such as EMIR, MiFIR/MiFID II, SFTR, FinfraG, REMIT and MAR within a unified platform. Manual efforts and the total costs of ownership are therefore reduced to a minimum. For more information visit us at

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