ESMA publishes its latest Q&A documents on EMIR and MiFIR data reporting

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On the 28th September, ESMA published the latest update of its EMIR and MiFIR Questions and Answers documents, focusing on practical questions of data reporting.

Regarding EMIR, there are three changes to the Trade Repository (TR) section :

  • An updated TR Q&A 1(c) clarifies that the counterparties should use the underlying to determine the asset class of total return swaps when reporting under EMIR.
  • In addition, a new TR Q&A clarifies that the reporting of the field reference entity for credit derivatives can be made with a country code only in the case where the reference entity is a supranational, a sovereign or a municipality.
  • A second new TR Q&A indicates how the fields execution timestamp, effective date, maturity date and settlement date should be reported for Forward Rate Agreement derivatives (FRAs).

Regarding MiFIR, there is one new Q&A and two amendments to existing Q&As:

  • The new Q&A clarifies which LEI should be used to identify the “issuer” when reporting reference data on funds to FIRDS under MAR Article 4 and MiFIR Article 27.  ESMA has observed that the lack of a public Q&A on this matter created uncertainty and resulted in inconsistent reporting of the LEI in the “issuer” field of the reference data report. Due to higher operational complexities related to changed reporting practices in some jurisdictions, this Q&A should be implemented six months after its publication.
  • The first amended Q&A provides clarifications in relation to the reporting requirements under Art. 26 of MiFIR and RTS 22. The Q&A provides an additional reporting scenario to an existing Q&A where an Investment Firm executes a transaction through an execution algorithm using the membership of its client to execute the order in the market.
  • The second amended Q&A relates to the Q&A on national client identifiers for natural persons clarifying on how different national identifiers specified in Annex II of RTS 22 are represented. The amendments also provide clarification on the requirements for Swedish national client identifiers.

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