The deltaconX & RegTech Datahub UPI service goes live with EMIR REFIT

EMIR REFIT has arrived, and we would like to say a huge thank you to our team, our clients and our partners for the enormous amount of hard work and close cooperation to get this complex beast over the line.

EMIR REFIT has forced the market to tackle new and complex problems. One of these is the introduction of the Unique Product Identifier (UPI), we knew for years and years it was coming but in Europe, it was finally confirmed for EMIR REFIT around 18 months ago.

We deltaconX looked at how to solve this problem and luckily for us, Lars Christiansen of CMP Partners contacted to “Do something great!” He informed us about his new venture, RegTech Datahub.

  • How this would enable us to support our clients solve the problem of enriching and validating trading reference data like UPIs (and ISINs for good measure) in a timely and automated way.
  • How we could add this to our standard workflow and remove a head-scratching problem.
  • How this would be done pre-submission and reduce the number of rejections and failed reconciliations

12 months later and after lots of collaboration and working and reworking, yesterday we went live with this service, and we are delighted with the early results.

Every cloud has a silver lining (they say) and we have EMIR REFIT to thank for asking questions of us that drove us to work with like-minded and talented people and create a new and exciting partnership.

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