UnaVista discontinues its SFTR Trade Repository Services in the EU and UK as of 31st of January 2022!

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UnaVista, the Reporting Channel of LSEG, has just announced that it will discontinue its SFTR reporting Service for EU and UK.

After the CME wind down and the take-over of the Regulatory Service GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse, by MarketAxess, another major stock exchange is discontinuing a part of its reporting services by the 31st of January 2022.

According to UnaVista’s notification the decision has been taken to redirect its resources towards its core MiFIR, EMIR and G20 services.

This development, however, does certainly not give a lot of comfort to the market participants that need to be (again) migrated to a new Trade Repository, especially when it comes to the decision with whom they want to move as in these uncertain days the question is, who will be the next one winding down its reporting services either partially or completely.

If you want to make yourselves less dependent on the decisions of such utilities, deltaconX can help you setting-up a reliable long term reporting process, as we are connected to multiple reporting channels and if one is discontinuing its services, we will take care to migrate you to a new provider without you being obliged to change your reporting processes. Also, you can cover all your European and in the future all your G20 reporting obligations through a single supplier providing one User interface and a generic data format.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need support in the transition process or if you are looking for a reliable partner for your existing and future reporting processes.

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